Discounts? You Say?

Discounts? You Say?

We are launching our new Personal Discount Code scheme as a way of rewarding our regular customers

With the scheme you can build your own discount up to 50%. Here's how it works:

  1. Your initial discount is based on your ordering record with Bosun's Juices to date. If you have only ordered once or twice it will start off at its minimum value of 5%. But it can rise to a whopping 50%.
  2. Your discount can be applied to any purchase from Bosun's Juices and as often as you like. (Note that we only accept ONE Discount Code per purchase. Your personal discount value might be less than other discounts we are offering at the same time. Please check our Discounts Page and pick the code that offers you the best price.)
  3. As you order from Bosun's Juices, the value of your Personal Discount Code will increase automatically. You will be notified by email. Your code is unique to yourself so can only be applied to orders placed on your own account.
  4. There is another way to add to the value of your code. We will increase it by 1% for every new customer you send to us! All they need to do is add your email address in the Notes and Comments Box which appears during the order process. We will do the rest and notify you by email.

​Each time your discount increases you will receive an email like this:



If you have any queries about the scheme or wish to apply for your own PDC, please email, or use our Contact Us Page with the letters 'PDC' in the subject line. 

We would like to supply our juices at ridiculous prices, but we can't. Thanks to government regulations, the real costs of supplying e-juices has risen sharply. The testing and approvals process costs an arm and a leg, clean-room manufacture doesn't come cheap, and then there's all the labelling and bottling to pay for. We cannot compete on price with manufacturers dumping their old pre-November stock at knockdown prices, so we won't bother trying.

But we have managed to put together a couple of discounts to help our honest and noble customers.

As promised, we have now introduced generous long-term Quantity Discounts. One 10ml bottle has now been reduced to £3.50, but buy three bottles (30ml) of the same juice and you will now get a 10% discount. Buy 10 bottles (100ml) of the same juice and that discount goes right up to 20%!

Then one of our oldest customers said that our Quantity Discounts should apply to a mixture of different juices as well, so welcome to our BUNDLE10 discount code. You need to order ten bottles (as single bottles - not 30ml or 100ml quantities) in any combination of juice and nicotine level that takes yer fancy. At checkout, enter the Coupon Code BUNDLE10 (in Capitals) in the discount box, and we'll knock 20% straight off your order. How's that for responding to customer feedback?