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I'm afraid there is only one piece of news today: we shall be shutting up shop in the next few weeks and will be completely gone by the end of the year.

As some of you already know, the Old Bosun's health is not great at the moment, and I can no longer devote enough time to make the business work.

I would like to personally thank every one who has bought our juices over the last year - and particularly our regular customers whose support has kept us in business. I am sorry to let you down!

We won't be restocking any of our juices in future, but we do need to clear our existing stock. The silver lining is that we are therefore reducing the price of our 10ml bottles to just £2.50 until they are sold out. Quantity discounts and bundles have been switched off, but Personal Discount Codes will apply right up to the end.

£2.50 is a ridiculous price for premium e-juices but you can take advantage of it to try out some other flavours if your favourites are sold out. Every one of our juices is a delight you know!

Apologies, best wishes for the future and farewell.


But the reason why is very strange because - to our way of thinking - it is the only good thing the new regulations have done! Obviously they forced us to make a lot of changes. Our flavours are just as they've always been, but we had to rework our production, our bottling, our labelling and so on.


This meant we had to change most of the way we had worked before the new rules. But when we came to work out the new cost of production, we found it had actually gone down. Our premium, UK-made e-liquids were actually costing us less to make than before!


More profit? That doesn't really fit the way we like to do business, so we decided that because we prefer to be straight-up with you and becasue so many of our customers have become our friends, we should pass the savings on to you by reducing our retail prices. That made better sense...


S0 we have reduced the price of a single 10ml bottle from £4.00 to £3.50, the price of 30ml (3 x 10ml bottles) from £10.80 to £9.50, and 100ml (10 x 10ml bottles) has gone down from £32.00 to £28.00. The Bosun's Bundle ( 7 x 10ml) drops from £26.00 to £22.00, and the Dessert Trolley (5 x 10ml) from £18.00 to £15.00.

PDC - Personal Discount Codes

We have had a big response to our system of offering each returning customer their own personal discount code. PDCs are now being used to get substantial discounts on orders - which, of course, increase the discount on offer for their next orders. (I have explained that better!)


But some of our best customers still haven't applied for their codes and are missing out on big savings. So this is a reminder! If you are a regular customer, use the contact form above with PDC in the subject line, and we will sort you out.

TPD Age - 22nd May 2017 

As promised, we are now selling The Bosun's Vanilla Shag Tobacco -  bit of vaping nostalgia and a unique take on a classic flavour. We've blended a smooth shag tobacco flavour with the same fabulous vanilla essence we use in our desserts to create something both comforting and inspiring.

Bosun's Juices Newsletter - 8th May 2017

So here it is! Mighty May and from the 20th the vaping world will change forever as the government's anti-vaping regulations take effect. It will no longer be legal to sell e-liquids which don't comply with the European Union's Tobacco Products Directive in terms of contents, bottle size, nicotine strength, ingredients and packaging. We have chosen to follow all those regulations - even the really stupid ones! - and all Bosun's Juices are fully compliant. The time, effort and cost involved in achieving this were pretty crippling, so let's hope that by doing the right thing, we have done the right thing for our business.

Enough moaning, we have some good news as well..

BATTLEFirst, some exciting news! We have been working on some new flavours to add to our range and can now announce that our next outstanding e-juice will be Bosun's Vanilla Shag - a unique take on traditional tobacco flavours. This year we are hoping to extend our range of fully compliant e-liquids into some specialist areas, and tobacco flavours are very popular with experienced vapers.

But rather than follow tradition down the caramel-tobacco road, we have produced something different - a rich, sweet shag tobacco flavour blended with Vanilla. We will be adding this juice to our website in the next couple of weeks. Try it - you will be surprised.

We can also announce a new way of rewarding our customers - Personal Discount Codes. If you have bought from us more than once, you can apply for your own Personal Discount Code to use in all your future orders. As you buy more Bosun's Juices, your discount will increase up to a maximum of 50% off our retail prices.

But there is another way of increasing your discount. For every new customer you bring to Bosun's Juices, we will automatically increase your discount by 1%. So point a few vaping friends our way and you will knock a lot off your own costs!

For full details of our new Personal Discount Codes, please email, or use our Contact Us Page with the letters 'PDC' in the subject line. Read more about our Discounts on our Discounts Page.

21st March 2017


Because of your frequent orders, you have been added to our exclusive group of Bosun's Regulars - the name kind of explains itself. You are being issued with a personal 10% Discount Code you can use for all future orders. Thanks for your custom. We think that people like you deserve something extra for the support you have given us. Watch your email for full details.

We have now been up and running for some four months. Thank you all for your generous support. We'd like to offer you a little bonus until the end of March. After you have placed your order - it will need to be for £20 or more - and are going through checkout, a comments box appears. Type "Bonus Please" into that box and we will send you a free 10ml taster bottle of one of our juices you might not have tried before. 


Essex is now sorted as far as Bosun's Juices are concerned as we welcome not one, but two new retail partners from that vape-crazy county.

Urban Vapor are well-known for the quality of personal service they offer customers at their existing vapers' shop in Hornchurch. Now they are celebrating the opening of their new shop at 17 Baddow Road, Chelmsford by stocking both shops with a range of premium, TCP-compliant e-liquids, including every variety of our Bosun's Juices in 3mg strength. Under the cheerful management of Kieran New, you can be assured of a great reception at either of their shops.

Not too far away in Harlow, Grant Grainger is the vaping master at V4peshop.


Grant is part of a vaping family business which offers carefully selected tanks and mods for everyone from beginner to expert vaper as well as a good range of premium juices. Naturally those include our Bosun's Juices - all varieties in 3mg and 6mg nicotine content. Call into V4peshop at 23 Service Bays, The Stow, Harlow for an inspiring visit and friendly service.

You will also find that our labels will be changing to a new format over the next few weeks. These are - if possible - even more TPD-compliant than our current labels. Don't get me started on labels...




30th January 2017

Delighted to tell you that we have received some really good reviews from the highly respected Darren Stone (The Good, the Bad and the Ugly - as he is known!) You can find his full reviews here:

Bosun's Juices Reviews - Part One

Bosun's Juices Reviews - Part Two



3rd January 2017

Syrup-sponge-e-liquidTinyTHEY ARE HERE!
As promised, we are welcoming the New Year with the launch of the first juices from our Bosun's Just Desserts range. Raspberry Cream Tea, Strawberry Pancake and Syrup Sponge Pudding are now available from our website.
Just to remind you, Raspberry Cream Tea is a wonderful juice which brings back those Devon Cream Tea flavours with a dose of buttered scone, a thick layer of raspberry jam and a greedy splodge of whipped cream on top. Strawberry Pancake is a delicious e-juice to remind you of warm American pancakes smothered in sweet strawberry syrup with a dusting of sugar on top. While Syrup Sponge Pudding tastes of buttery steamed cake drenched in golden syrup.

19th December 2016

Although we shall continue to process orders right through the holiday, our last shipping date will be Wednesday 21st December. We will start shipping again on Tuesday 3rd January.

So if you want to enjoy your exquisite Bosun's Juices over Christmas - of course you do - make sure your order is in on or before Wednesday.

13th December 2016

PirateChristmasHappy Christmas from Bosun's Juices! We want to thank all of you for your support over our first few weeks of trading. Your feedback and suggestions have been really helpful. We are well on our way to becoming established in the e-liquids market and that is entirely thanks to you.

Anyway, now that you have hauled the decorations down from the loft and got those damned lights working, ordered the Christmas turkey (goose, lamb, salmon, goat etc), bought presents for everybody from your most loved to that miserable Aunt who only turns up for Christmas dinner, filled your freezer with mini sausage rolls and ice cream cakes, and bought enough booze to float a pirate galleon, it is now time for you to think about yourself. Make sure to lay in a supply of Bosun's Juices' outstanding e-liquids to keep you vaping happily through to the New Year. Slip a few bottles of our prize-winning custards into those Christmas stockings or how about a Bosun's Bundle of all seven of our custards for that vaping friend or relative?

We had hoped to use this newsletter to announce the launch of our Bosun's Just Desserts range of e-liquids but the new system of regulations and approvals brought in by our beloved government is in such a mess that everything has been delayed. Despite this, we can announce that our dessert range will go on sale at the beginning of January 2017. 

And don't forget, you can keep up to date with all our news and tittle-tattle here: Bosun's Juices' Facebook Group


21st November 2016

We have just received our first professional review from the highly respected William O'Toole (better know as TheEcigReviewMan) and he seems to like our scrumptious Custard Donut.

See what he has to say TheEcigReviewMan - Bosun's Custard Donut Review

12th November 2016

In a little under two weeks we will be launching our brand new Bosun's Just Desserts range. The first flavours will be Raspberry Cream Tea, Sugartop Biscuit, Choc'n'Berry Crunch, Strawberry Pancake and Syrup Sponge.


1st November 2016
Look! We made it! We're open for business! Huge thanks to all our trusty crew and everyone else who helped to bring Bosun's Juices to market! Our first orders are in and we start shipping today.  

And to those who have trusted us with their orders...  If you enjoy those juices - tell all your friends and relatives, shout it from the rooftops, stop pedestrians in the street, take out small ads in your local paper, blast it all over FB, Twitter, Snapchat etc. If you don't enjoy them, or have any suggestions for improving them, please tell us! Your feedback is very important.

29th October 2016
Once more we owe a huge debt to Andy Durose of Prime Pixel whose graphics light up this site. If you need graphic design or branding services, you really should try Andy Durose at Prime Pixel

29th October 2016
While this website doesn't officially open until the 1st November, visitors might sometimes find it up and running. You are most welcome to look around while we field test parts of the site and it's back-end systems. Our ordering and payment system is also fully operational so you can also place pre-orders if you wish to, but note that they will not be dispatched until next week. If you have any comments or suggestions, you can use the Contact Us link above to get in touch.

28th October 2016
For the first couple of weeks of November we shall be supplying all our juices from freshly made batches of e-liquids. They won't have had a chance to steep (stand) for the recommended two weeks. If you want the very best flavour, we suggest you leave them to stand somewhere cool and dry for at least ten days before sampling. You don't have to, but we would like you to enjoy these astounding juices at their very best.